Way too early trade deadline targets for Denver Broncos in 2023

If Denver is in a playoff spot by the time the trade deadline rolls around in 2023, they could be buyers

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2. James Conner, RB, Arizona Cardinals

Someone who surely does not fit the timeline of the Arizona Cardinals is James Conner, who is 28 years old and has two years left on his contract. He's also on a somewhat pricey running back contract, and the Cardinals surely do not want to have that on their roster much longer. Conner does fit what Sean Payton values in running backs.

By no means is Conner an elite runner -- he's got a career yards per carry of 4.2, but what he does bring is the ability to catch passes. He has two seasons with at least 45 receptions and has caught at least 38 passes in each year of his career. With 207 total receptions, Conner is a true dual-threat RB.

He's also at his best when he isn't carrying the full load. I would honestly just think of him as a better version of Samaje Perine. And if the Denver Broncos do want to run the snot out of the ball in 2023, getting solid running backs in the backfield will only help that cause. Conner is also a bigger running back. He's 6'1" and 233lbs, so he's got good size for the position.

If the Cardinals do sell at the deadline, I cannot imagine James Conner wouldn't be super cheap. He's a 28-year-old RB who costs a good bit, however, would be a good trade for any contender to make. The Denver Broncos are not currently paying a running back anything notable, so they could justify making a trade like this.