Way too early 53-man roster prediction for the 2024 Denver Broncos

Let's try to predict the Denver Broncos final 53-man roster.
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Defensive Line (6) - Zach Allen, John Franklin-Myers, DJ Jones, Malcolm Roach, Angelo Blackson, Matt Henningsen

I am so glad that the Denver Broncos brought in legitimate players to help shore up the defensive line, which was arguably the worst in the NFL in 2023. John Franklin-Myers is the big addition here, but he also joins Malcolm Roach and Angelo Blackson as the three notable new pieces here. I did not expect DJ Jones to still be on the roster, so my guess he remains on the team in the final year of his deal.

Zach Allen is the team's best defensive lineman, and Matt Henningsen can squeak onto the roster as a depth option.

EDGE Rusher (4) - Nik Bonitto, Jonathon Cooper, Baron Browning, Jonah Elliss

The EDGE group should not look all that different in 2024, but the team did take Jonah Elliss in the third round of the 2024 NFL Draft. The Broncos desperately need an alpha to emerge from this unit, as all they have now are fine rotational players. The team did see Nik Bonitto and Jonathon Cooper play their best football in 2023, so perhaps the two of them are in line to make another leap in 2024.