Way too early 53-man roster prediction for the 2024 Denver Broncos

Let's try to predict the Denver Broncos final 53-man roster.
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The Denver Broncos are going to have some interesting position battles as the 2024 NFL Offseason progresses, leading to some tough final roster predictions. The team has finally embraced the path to long-term success when they took rookie QB Bo Nix in the 2024 NFL Draft. Only time will tell if Nix was the right pick, but taking a first-round QB is how NFL teams are commonly built for success.

The Broncos may also have some tough competition at other spots on the offensive side of the ball like wide receiver and running back.

Defensively, a crowded secondary could lead to some tough decisions, and there even seems to be an open competition at punter as well. Sean Payton, George Paton, and the rest of the Denver Broncos decision-makers will have their work cut out for them this offseason, especially when the team has to cut down to the final 53-man roster.

Let's try to make those final roster predictions.

Way to early 53-man roster prediction for the 2024 Denver Broncos

Quarterback (3) - Bo Nix, Jarrett Stidham, Zach Wilson

It is still very early, but Jarrett Stidham is the current "leader" in the QB room thus far, with Nix firmly in second, and Zach Wilson a distant third. Here's the thing, though; the Denver Broncos probably want to keep Zach Wilson around to see if he can be reclaimed as a high-end backup. At least, at this point, Wilson's ceiling is just that.

But one cannot deny that Wilson would have a higher ceiling than Stidham, so ideally, I believe the Broncos are hoping that Wilson can show enough to eventually cement himself as a QB2. With Stidham knowing the offense quite well, there isn't any reason for him to be moved unless Wilson does make a huge leap.

As of now, it is hard for me to argue that the Denver Broncos would keep less than three quarterbacks.

Offensive Line (9) - Garett Bolles, Ben Powers, Alex Forsyth, Quinn Meinerz, Mike McGlinchey, Calvin Throckmorton, Sam Mustipher, Alex Palczewski, Frank Crum

This is a very hard group to predict, but the top five seem locked in, at least in my view. Rounding out the depth would be Calvin Throckmorton, Sam Mustipher, Alex Palczewski (pal-CHESS-key), and Frank Crum, one of the Broncos undrafted free agents.

The Broncos won't have an issue with the depth, but the one thing to watch here is the center competition, where all of Forsyth, Mustipher, Luke Wattenberg, and Nick Gargiulo will battle it out for the starting job. Denver still could address this position in the free agent market, as Connor Williams is still available, but they seem content with the players they have.