Way too early 2025 NFL Draft needs for the Denver Broncos

Am I looking toward the 2025 NFL Draft already? Yep.
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3. Tight End

Tight end might end up being a huge need for the Denver Broncos. The one issue I personally have is that the TE position isn't as valuable as other first-round positions like left tackle and defensive line, but nonetheless, the Broncos TE room was among the least productive in the NFL last year and might feature the same faces.

Greg Dulcich's hamstrings kept him out of most of the season, and Adam Trautman is sincerely just a guy. With Denver not even drafting a TE in the 2024 NFL Draft, you have to wonder if they have insane confidence that Dulcich can stay healthy or even someone like Lucas Krull can emerge.

However, heading into the 2025 season, both Trautman and Dulcich will be in the last year of their respective deals, so contractually, like the two other positions I have covered, the need is there. The Denver Broncos could end up having their game-changer at wide receiver in Marvin Mims Jr or Troy Franklin. They could have their franchise QB in Bo Nix.

They may have a deep and lethal stable of RBs, and the offensive line is again going to be very good, so the missing piece, as you can see, is a play-maker at tight end. This could be a focus for the Broncos next offseason.