Way too early 2025 NFL Draft needs for the Denver Broncos

Am I looking toward the 2025 NFL Draft already? Yep.
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It's never too early to look toward the 2025 season in trying to identify any roster needs. Would these three positions for the Denver Broncos stick out as future needs? If you told me that certain NFL front offices are sending their scouts out to prepare for the 2025 NFL Draft, I'd not be surprised.

The way to build and sustain success in the NFL is to build through the draft. Teams can enhance their rosters through free agency, but the NFL Draft is where the core is built. The Denver Broncos might have a few positions emerge as burning needs for next year's draft. Among the three to be covered, would any more stick out to you?

Way too early 2025 NFL Draft needs for the Denver Broncos
1. Left Tackle

The Denver Broncos need to figure out what they want to do with LT Garett Bolles at some point before next offseason, which is when he becomes a free agent. The main issue here is not performance or contract, I don't think, as Bolles has been rock-solid the last few years but still might not cost a ton on an extension.

Bolles is already entering his age-32 season in 2024, so he'd be turning 33 entering the 2025 NFL Season. Do the Broncos want to risk an age-related decline with Bolles? If not, they need to target a tackle in the 2025 NFL Draft, perhaps even a first-round prospect. And even if Bolles does return for 2025 at least, the need is still there.

The Broncos have about 58 backup tackles currently rostered, so perhaps OL coach Zach Strief is eye-balling one of them as the long-term replacement. Who knows, but the Broncos have not drafted a tackle since... Garett Bolles in 2017.