Way too early 2024 free agency haul for the Denver Broncos

Will the Denver Broncos again be active in free agency in 2024?

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2. Isaiah Wynn, OL

Isaiah Wynn has played all over the offensive line during his NFL career and was a former first-round pick who has also struggled a bit with injuries. My thinking here is that Wynn could probably be had for cheap next year even though he has a ton of positional versatility. Wynn has shown competency at both tackle and guard, and I think the OL for Denver could continue to undergo some transition next year.

I think the team has already moved on from Garett Bolles in their heads and is preparing for life without the long-time Bronco LT. Cam Fleming is also a free agent in 2024 and there is really no guarantee he'll be back. Being that Wynn can play both tackle spots and on the interior, he might be a perfect high-ceiling type player to fall back on if the Broncos are planning to have some transition along the OL.

With Bolles and maybe even Fleming out of the picture in 2024, Isaiah Wynn could find a new home in Denver.