Updated quarterback rankings for the Broncos after the NFL Combine

Which QBs moved up the Denver Broncos draft board after the NFL Combine?

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7. Spencer Rattler, South Carolina

Although he didn't test well in terms of height, weight, speed, etc., Spencer Rattler was strong at the podium and in the on-field workouts.

Rattler is a highly intriguing potential Day 2 prospect. A former top-ranked recruit whose collegiate career started off at Oklahoma, Rattler really settled in as a pro prospect after transferring to South Carolina. He stated in his media availability that the formal interview with the Broncos went really well and that Sean Payton was impressed by his college tape.

I think overall, Rattler was one of the bigger winners of the Scouting Combine at the QB position because of the way people perceived him going in. Will the Broncos be able to get him in round three, though? They don't currently have a second-round pick.

8. Michael Pratt, Tulane

There's been a lot thrown at Michael Pratt the last handful of years, having four different offensive coordinators at Tulane. But he's been able to prove himself to be a really strong NFL prospect through it all, and almost undoubtedly a top 75 pick when this process is all said and done.

He had a 36-inch vertical jump at the Combine, showing off his explosiveness, and he had a good on-field workout as well.


Pratt is intriguing for a variety of reasons, including the fact that he met with the Broncos both at the Combine and the Senior Bowl in January. There's plenty to like about his game, but picking him as the team's next franchise QB might not get the fan base overly giddy. If the Broncos sign someone in free agency, and supplement that addition with a player like Pratt, that might be ideal.

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