Updated quarterback rankings for the Broncos after the NFL Combine

Which QBs moved up the Denver Broncos draft board after the NFL Combine?

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6. Michael Penix Jr., Washington

One of the biggest pieces of news to come out of the entire 2024 NFL Combine was the fact that Michael Penix Jr.'s medicals came back "passed" by NFL teams. His injury history (multiple ACL, multiple shoulder injuries) has been a primary concern for people who are considering Penix as a possible first-round player, or even second-round player for that matter.

The fact that the medical exams came back clean is no small detail in this process.

Penix had arguably the best on-field workout of any quarterback in the class. But nobody was surprised by anything they saw. Penix can spin it. He's accurate to all levels of the field. He throws with excellent timing.

According to Penix, the Broncos grilled him on some of his worst plays in their formal interview. There are a variety of reasons to do that, but it's an interesting detail nonetheless. The Broncos want to know how Penix is going to respond to different situations or why he saw what he saw as those plays unfolded. After the Combine, it's possible we could view Penix as someone who has risen up the Broncos' board despite the fact that he's ranked 6th on this list. Maybe he's got legitimate first-round consideration at this point.