Underrated factor in Broncos decision with Russell Wilson in 2024

One factor in Russell Wilson's future that hasn't really been considered...

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So much has been discussed about the Denver Broncos' decision regarding Russell Wilson in 2024. Of course, it's not just as simple as "do the Broncos want Russ around in 2024?" because they have to decide in a couple of months whether or not they want him around for 2024 and 2025, contractually at least.

Every angle has been examined. Does Russ even want to be back in Denver after being benched? Would he be willing to come back taking a reduced salary or completely restructuring his contract?

On the other side, do the Broncos want Russ back? Does Sean Payton feel like he can work with him going forward? Do they want to pay another $85 million after what they've seen in the first two seasons of Wilson in orange and blue?

There are financial implications to this move. The situation between Russell Wilson and his fit with Sean Payton has to be considered. But there's one underrated factor at play that is fascinating and not often discussed. The involvement of Denver Broncos ownership.

Now, just like everything this offseason for the Denver Broncos, I think that discussion is very layered in and of itself.

From the ownership's perspective, you made a substantial ($124 million minimum) guarantee on Russell Wilson's contract less than two years ago. You also are antsy to get this team back to winning and CEO Greg Penner stated that he expects more than eight wins next year. Does cutting Russell Wilson help you do that? What's the alternative?

Once again, the plan in place had better be good. And the Walton-Penner ownership group -- although they want to be in the loop on major decisions that get made -- are leaving the football decisions up to the football people they've hired to be in charge. And the level of trust between Penner, head coach Sean Payton, and general manager George Paton is palpable.

Now, I'm not trying to imply that the ownership group is going to push to keep Russell Wilson around, nor am I trying to imply that they will simply just let Sean Payton and George Paton ride with the wind in 2024. The Broncos have not had ownership in on a decision of this magnitude just yet. The ownership group wasn't around when the Russell Wilson trade was made, although they did sign off on his massive extension. They haven't been around for the team making a change at the QB position, and we're talking about a potentially historic situation where the Broncos could move on from Wilson before his new deal even effectively kicks in (2024).

But make no mistake -- the opinion and consent of ownership matters tremendously in this situation. There is no way the ownership group is signing off on the decision made by Sean Payton and George Paton without a great plan in place. Do you follow?

Now, the execution of that plan is a different story. But the point I'm trying to make is this: With $39 million already committed to Russell Wilson in 2024, there is no way Broncos ownership is going to foot the bill for him to play elsewhere this season (and beyond) if Payton/Paton's pitch is not absolutely ironclad.


And that should give Broncos Country some confidence going into the 2024 offseason.

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