Two former Denver Broncos trade jabs in Twitter brawl

Former Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy is still going at it with members of the Denver media.

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Days following the Denver Broncos' decision to trade former wide receiver Jerry Jeudy to the Cleveland Browns, former Broncos offensive lineman Mark Schlereth took to social media to hash out his frustrations with the former first-round pick.

Schlereth referred to Jeudy as a "bust" numerous times during their mini social media brawl and even went as far as to say that he is "glad" that he is no longer apart of the team. Jeudy, who is well-known for his public altercations with former players on social media (i.e. Phillip Lindsay, Steve Smith Sr.), of course clapped back with an argument of his own:

As most know, Jeudy has been heavily criticized during his tenure in Denver after not performing to the expectations of the 15th overall pick. Some have claimed he has "drop issues" or "can't block" as well as other receivers. While some of these concerns were evident during the beginning of his career, there is a gray area regarding this argument at this stage of his career. After all, Cleveland did sacrifice two draft picks in order to require his talents as well as awarding him a pricey multi-year contract extension without playing a single snap in their offense.

Jeudy, 24, caught 54 passes for 758 yards and two touchdowns in 11 games started last season for the Broncos. From an outside perspective, it may seem like these poor numbers for a starting NFL wide receiver may be solely reliant on his performance, it does not always work that way. Situations are always the key component in the trajectory of a wide receiver's career. We can say with certainty that Jerry Jeudy has not been in the best of situations.

Despite throwing 26 touchdown passes last season, former Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson did not give Jeudy the best of opportunities. Jeudy excels and thrives off middle-of-the-field targets and receiving the ball in isolation, however, Wilson thrives in throwing outside of the numbers, hence Courtland Sutton's success in 2023. For Schlereth to claim that Jeudy only creates separation after the quarterback completes his reads is a bit comical considering Wilson would rarely make it past his first read during the last two seasons.


At this point, Jeudy is in a make-it-or-break-it year, at least in terms of the media's criticism. He got the contract that many players wish to have but as for now, he's going to have to prove it to Schlereth and the rest of his doubters who claim he cannot perform at a high level. His bet moving forward is disengaging from any nonsensical comments and focusing on becoming the best version of himself on the gridiron.

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