Two Broncos players could be key ingredients for explosive offense in 2024

The Denver Broncos could find themselves in a great spot in 2024 if these two players can make some progress.
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos offense is going to be a huge unit to watch in the 2024 NFL Season, and these two players could play major roles in its improvement. And right now, one of them seems to be trending in the right direction. During OTAs, young Broncos tight end Lucas Krull has gotten more work with Greg Dulcich still not practicing.

Krull might not mean anything to anyone at the moment, but he's a young tight end who could tap into his potential in 2024, and if it's any indication, Sean Payton seems to be rather impressed with Krull thus far:

Sure, Payton could just be giving basic coaches' speak here, but it's not like a head coach has never criticized a player before. I mean, what else would you want Sean Payton to say here? Lucas Krull seems to be doing well, so perhaps Krull was a reason why the Denver Broncos did not do a ton at TE this offseason.

And then you have to wonder what the deal is with Greg Dulcich. The third-year tight end hardly played in year two due to injuries, and they've centered around his hamstring. If you remember back in 2022, Dulcich did show quite a bit as a rookie in limited action, and it looked like at the time that GM George Paton may have gotten a huge steal.

Well, Dulcich is effectively having to restart his NFL career in his third year. You have to wonder, though, if Krull perhaps developing a bit in 2024 and Dulcich being able to stay healthy could have a massive and positive impact for the offense.

In an ideal world, Adam Trautman is reduced to a TE3 role, and both Krull and Dulcich eat up all the reps and end up forming what could potentially be a top TE duo in the NFL. We can only hope.