Top 45 free agents the Broncos should target in 2024

Which 2024 free agents should the Denver Broncos be going after?

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43. Joshua Dobbs, QB

The Denver Broncos were really impressed by Joshua Dobbs in their game against the Vikings last year. The hype train went off the rails a little bit as Dobbs was eventually benched for Nick Mullens, but I think he's earned himself an opportunity by showing off his playmaking ability, pocket presence, and ability to adapt quickly. He played well for the Titans, Cardinals, and Vikings with virtually no time to learn their offenses.

44. Chase McLaughlin, K

The Broncos could potentially lose Wil Lutz in NFL free agency, so I guess you could look at a variety of free agent kickers as options. I think it's more likely than not that Lutz will be back in Denver, but if the Broncos move on, Chase McLaughlin was lights out for the Buccaneers last season.


45. Charlie Woerner, TE

The Denver Broncos brought in a blocking specialist at the tight end position last offseason in Chris Manhertz, but was his impact significant enough to bring him back at his current price? Maybe the Broncos will offer the former 49ers tight end -- a blocking expert -- an opportunity at a more expanded role in the passing game.

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