Top 40 NFL QBs in 2023: Where do Russell Wilson, Jarrett Stidham rank?

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28. Jacoby Brissett, Washington Commanders

Jacoby Brissett is not spectacular, but I think he's got a high floor at the position and for a team like the Commanders, it kind of makes you wonder if that high floor could help a team like that reach the playoffs. Brissett lacks flash at the position but he's a strong game manager who is capable of popping off for a few games per season.

He might also be limited at times, but I think the Commanders would be better off with him in the lineup than Sam Howell, at least based on what we know now. Howell could come in and totally make that an ice-cold take. We'll see.

Brissett started for the Browns last year, keeping the seat warm for Deshaun Watson. I think he's a decent starter in the league still and now has Eric Bieniemy calling plays, as well as a plethora of talented skill players around him.

27. Andy Dalton, Carolina Panthers

Andy Dalton did a decent job for the New Orleans Saints last season, and still brings a relatively steady veteran presence out there. Within the confines of the Frank Reich offense, I think I like Dalton's floor even more than I did last year with the Saints.

Although the plan is going to revolve around Bryce Young in Carolina, it will be interesting to see what kind of role Dalton plays. If nothing else, he's yet another valuable member of the QB brain trust in Carolina who can help Young realy learn the ins and outs of playing and preparing in the NFL.