Top 40 NFL QBs in 2023: Where do Russell Wilson, Jarrett Stidham rank?

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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36. Baker Mayfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Admittedly, I probably have Baker Mayfield ranked too high on this list. I have always liked Mayfield, dating back to his time at Oklahoma. He is a former number one overall pick who set the rookie record for TD passes as recently as 2018. Unfortunately, due to a variety of different circumstances as well as Mayfield simply not playing well, we haven't seen him progress much off of that.

In fact, Mayfield has started to become a journeyman, bouncing from the Browns to the Rams and now to the Buccaneers. It's a great opportunity for him and should be an easy competition to win going up against Kyle Trask, who didn't even make this list, but Mayfield is going to need to be more accurate with the football.

As of right now, people have the Buccaneers projected to pick first overall in the 2024 NFL Draft thanks to the presence of Mayfield atop their depth chart. We'll see what he can do to change that narrative.

35. Jarrett Stidham, Denver Broncos

Checking in at no. 35 is Denver Broncos backup Jarrett Stidham. This ranking would indicate that Stidham is a high-end backup and I think that's a fair assessment, even just based on a couple of games late last season. Stidham has shown plenty dating back to his rookie preseason with the New England Patriots to buy the talent and progression.

As Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton stated, the arrow is pointing up on Stidham. Chris Simms, currently of NBC Sports and former Denver Broncos QB, actually ranked Stidham 32nd overall on his top-40 QBs list.

I like Stidham's talent, and I liked what we saw from him last year. I'm also inclined to trust the team's evaluation on him. Payton noted that the Broncos passed on QBs he had familiarity with or had worked with in the past to sign Stidham.