Top 40 NFL QBs in 2023: Where do Russell Wilson, Jarrett Stidham rank?

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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4. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

The top four QBs of the NFL right now are really in a tier of their own. They are the elite of the elite. Josh Allen could just as easily be second on this list, and I think depending on which way the wind is blowing on a given day, you might have a different ranking of the three guys behind Patrick Mahomes each day.

Having Allen fourth on this list is not meant to trigger Bills fans. On the contrary, I think Allen is one of the few QBs in the league right now who just simply has the ability to take over games individually. He is one of four QBs in the NFL right now who makes his team an instant Super Bowl contender.

3. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow reminded me a bit of Tom Brady when he was at LSU, but of course, anytime you say stuff like that, it just comes across as overly hyperbolic. But there are similarities between Burrow and Brady, including their expert-level pocket navigation and their ability to know exactly where to go with the ball at all times, distributing it all over the field to their playmakers.

Burrow has the clutch gene. He is a neutralizer whether you're playing the best team in the league, home or away, playoffs or not. He is the definition of a gamer and he's one of the rare QBs that you feel puts a guy like Patrick Mahomes on an even playing field. Burrow is one of the truly elite players at his position in the league today.