Top 40 NFL QBs in 2023: Where do Russell Wilson, Jarrett Stidham rank?

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22. Daniel Jones, New York Giants

I'm not falling for it. I'm not falling for the Daniel Jones fool's gold. I was certainly not oblivious to the fact that Jones and the Giants would be better with more competent coaching, which they got from Brian Daboll. Jones was more efficient in 2022 as well. He limited turnovers compared to his first few NFL seasons and the Giants went on to win a playoff game.

I think the Giants, as a whole, have even gotten better in the 2023 offseason. But I'm still not really buying Daniel Jones as a viable long-term option, new contract and all. I don't blame the Giants for sticking with him, however. I just think what we saw from Daniel Jones last year is the best it gets.

21. Brock Purdy, San Francisco 49ers

It could be jumping the gun a little bit to thave someone like Brock Purdy this high on a QB ranking list, especially with his injury. While I'm not buying Daniel Jones, I'm definitely buying Brock Purdy. Again, all of this is dependent on his health. The 49ers' offense was outstanding when Purdy was operating it, and it wasn't like he was just a puppet out there being controlled by Kyle Shanahan.

He was executing at a high level, and making a difference individually. I think Purdy, dating back to a couple of years ago, was looking like a possible first-round QB at Iowa State before he fell off the map in 2021. Now, he looks like he's living up to that potential with the help of elite coaching and elite skill players around him at every position.