Top 3 most overpaid players on the Denver Broncos roster

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The Denver Broncos do have their share of underpaid players, but are there any on the roster who are currently overpaid? And if so, who are they? Well, you can probably think of one very obvious player who is overpaid at this moment in time.

Unfortunately, the Broncos have a few other players who are overpaid for their current production with the team. Obviously, the hope is that these overpaid Broncos shed that label in 2023 and look like absolute bargains if anything.

GM George Paton has been aggressive thus far in his time in Denver, but that aggression does not always equal success. Some of his free agency moves have been questionable so far, and perhaps even this year, when Sean Payton has final roster authority, we could even say some of his moves have been questionable.

In no order, let's look at the most overpaid players on the Denver Broncos.

Who are the most overpaid players on the Denver Broncos' roster?

1. Russell Wilson: $49,000,000 AAV

Let's get the most obvious one out of the way first. Russell Wilson might be the most overpaid player on the roster right now, but that could change and actually turn to the complete opposite depending on how 2023 goes.

His $245 million extension ranks fifth in the NFL among quarterbacks. His average yearly salary at the position, $49,000,000, ranks fourth in the NFL among QBs. The total guarantees on his contract rank fourth, and his fully guaranteed number ranks third. Well, Wilson did not play up to those high numbers in 2022.

In fact, he was arguably the worst starting QB in the NFL last year with everything considered. Hopefully with the looming extensions for Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow, Wilson's contract numbers do get pushed down a bit.

He could also help himself out quite a bit by bouncing back in 2023. There is a solid chance that he does it under the guidance of Sean Payton. Payton is one of the best offensive minds in the history of the NFL and has a Hall of Fame resume as an NFL HC, so Wilson's chances seem good to shed this label.