Top 15 greatest draft picks in Denver Broncos history

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13. Brandon Marshall, WR (4th round, 2006)

In hindsight, Brandon Marshall is certainly one of the ones that "got away" from the Denver Broncos. All thanks to Josh McDaniels.

And maybe a slight push from a McDonald's bag?

If you know, you know. At any rate, Brandon Marshall ended up becoming one of the best draft picks in Denver Broncos history even if his career took him to a wide variety of NFL cities. He was a Pro Bowl receiver for the Broncos, Bears, Dolphins, and Jets. He seemingly got better with age as he earned first-team All-Pro honors at the age of 28 with the Bears and then again at the age of 31 with the Jets.

Shockingly, Marshall never played in a single playoff game.

He finished his NFL career with eight 1,000-yard seasons, more than 12,000 yards in total. He had 83 career touchdowns and 970 career receptions. Despite how often he moved around, he actually played more games for the Denver Broncos (61) than any of the other teams he played for and as a result, had more yards with the Broncos than any other team he played for.

Just imagine if the Broncos had never traded Brandon Marshall and he got to play with Peyton Manning during that stretch from 2012-15...

12. Louis Wright, CB (1st round, 1975)

The Denver Broncos used a first-round pick on cornerback Louis Wright in the 1975 NFL Draft (17th overall) and the former Arizona State star ultimately became one of the best defensive players in franchise history.

Wright had 9 interceptions in his first five seasons and made it to the Pro Bowl three times while also gaining some recognition as an All-Pro as well as Defensive Player of the Year candidate in 1979. As his career went along, Wright became even more consistent, and made two more Pro Bowls in his 30s while also picking up 17 passes in the final five seasons of his NFL career.

Wright played his entire NFL career -- 166 games in total -- as a member of the Denver Broncos and ranks 9th in franchise history with 26 career interceptions.