Top 10 wide receivers in Denver Broncos history

The Denver Broncos have had some legendary WRs through the years. Who are the best?

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2. Demaryius Thomas

It still doesn't feel real that Demaryius Thomas is no longer with us. The late, great Denver Broncos wide receiver was, once upon a time, quite a shocking pick by the team.

The Broncos entered the 2010 NFL Draft with a clear need at wide receiver after trading away Brandon Marshall to the Miami Dolphins. They were presented with an opportunity to take Dez Bryant in the first round of that 2010 NFL Draft, and Bryant was arguably the consensus top receiver in the class.

But not for Josh McDaniels and the Broncos. Drafting Thomas might have been the greatest contribution Josh McDaniels made in his short time in Denver, but it wasn't the most popular decision at the time, especially with the team passing on Bryant. Thomas came from the triple option offense at Georgia Tech where he made the most of rather limited opportunities as a receiver.

He had all of the coveted traits from a size, speed, and athletic standpoint, but there were concerns about whether his game would transition well to the NFL level.

Needless to say, Thomas squashed any pre-draft concerns with his play on the field.

He ranks second in Denver Broncos history with 9,055 receiving yards, 60 touchdowns, and 72.4 yards per game. In reality, with Brandon Lloyd ranking first in team history in yards per game, you can effectively put DT at the top of that list because he played so many more games as a Bronco.

From 2011-17, Thomas was dominant. He was Peyton Manning's no. 1 target during his time with the Broncos and had a stretch from 2012-15 (when Manning was a Bronco) in which he had at least 1,300 yards every single season.

Thomas was a playmaker, a superstar, and the go-to receiver on the best offense in NFL history. We will always miss you, DT.