Top 10 wide receivers in Denver Broncos history

The Denver Broncos have had some legendary WRs through the years. Who are the best?

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1. Rod Smith

Alexa, is Rod Smith in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

The fact that Rod Smith has not been immortalized as a Hall of Famer at this point shows that the process is very flawed. Smith is one of the greatest receivers in NFL history, and I think he's the best receiver in Denver Broncos history.

He's first on the team's all-time list with 11,389 receiving yards. He's first all-time with 68 receiving touchdowns. He's first all-time with 849 receptions. From 1995-2006, Smith was a model of consistency with 62.2 yards per game. There are very few players who match that level of consistency with similar longevity to Rod Smith.

Smith was a two-time Super Bowl champion with the Denver Broncos. He was a model of toughness with just two missed games from 1997-2006.


The craziest part? Smith was an undrafted free agent. He was not supposed to make it. The odds were stacked against him from day one, and he became a Hall of Fame caliber player and a favorite target of multiple Denver Broncos QBs, including John Elway and Jake Plummer.

Eight times in his NFL career Smith eclipsed 1,000 yards receiving. He nearly averaged 18 yards per reception in 13 career playoff games. Smith was clutch, he was consistent, and he cemented a legacy with the franchise that will last forever.

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