Three guaranteed wins on the Denver Broncos' 2023 schedule

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens
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There is no such thing as a guaranteed win in the NFL, but I think the Denver Broncos should consider these three games to be guaranteed wins in 2023. Having an easier opponent is a nice change of pace from the intensity and parity of the modern-day NFL.

The Denver Broncos have a few opponents on their 2023 slate that should be easier wins. In fact, I'll go as far as to say that these are going to be guaranteed dubs in 2023. The Broncos, after years of incompetent coaching, now appear to have one of the most important advantages in all of sports, and that's a coaching advantage.

If Payton can revive the offense, that'll also revive Wilson a bit. Even when he's just playing normally, as in, not his 2022 self, Wilson is a top seven QB. When he's at his very best, Wilson is a top three QB in the league.

It's a very real possibility in 2023 that the Broncos could have a coaching and a QB advantage most weeks.

Let's look at three guaranteed wins for the Broncos in 2023.

Three guaranteed wins on the Denver Broncos' 2023 schedule
Week 7, Home, Green Bay Packersa

Aaron Rodgers is no longer a Green Bay Packer, and the franchise will now turn to Jordan Love as their alleged QB of the future. Love has very limited action in the NFL; he's virtually not played during his first three seasons.

Now he'll get to try to prove that he can be a franchise signal caller. The main issue with the Packers is while they have good players, especially on defense, they tend to underperform. Their defense is filled with first round picks but never really displays that first round potential as a collective unit.

Their offense isn't frightening in the slightest. Their best weapon is... um... Christian Watson?

Yeah, the Broncos are going to win this home game by at least a touchdown, but probably more.