3 big 2023 Broncos additions who could last one year in Denver

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2) OC Joe Lombardi

Joe Lombardi's job with the Broncos is a very quiet one considering he is not the play-caller for the Broncos' offense, but his job might be in jeopardy. Lombardi was brought in with a strong background in helping quarterbacks reach the next level, including Drew Brees and Justin Herbert. However, Russell Wilson has failed to take a meaningful step forward in 2023.

While he has scored more and protected the ball again, Wilson is still averaging around 200 passing yards per game and is living in the short game. This is a stark contrast from the prior two notable quarterbacks Lombardi has worked with, considering both had big arms, like Wilson and made it known down the field.

The saving grace for Lombardi could be that the Broncos are planning to move on from Russell Wilson regardless of 2023 results. If the Broncos and Sean Payton are planning on a new playcaller in 2024, Lombardi could have been brought in to try and help mold and develop that quarterback, regardless of what successes or failures the Broncos have in 2023. If that is the case, Lombardi's seat is likely safe. However, as things continue to get ugly in 2023, the magnifying glass on the Broncos' offense only continues to grow.