Three best-case scenarios for the Broncos in Week 2

Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers
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2) Big Plays From The Offense And More Efficent Drives

Russell Wilson
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Scenarios one and two work closely together. With the return of Jerry Jeudy, the Broncos figure to have more success moving the football in much less time. However, the rate at which the Broncos did in their last game should not be acceptable, with or without Jeudy. The Broncos still have several strong offensive weapons, including Sutton, Mims, Adam Trautman, and running backs Javonte Williams and Samaje Perine. At the end of week one, the Broncos' leading receiver was Perine, who accumulated just 37 yards. Ultimately, they need more than 37 yards from their game-best receiver, let alone when it is a running back.

Jeudy's return should remedy most of this. Jeudy missed the first game, and his absence was clearly seen. The Broncos failed to move the ball in chunks, with their largest air play of the game coming incredibly early in the first quarter, a 21-yard reception to Brandon Johnson. Part of this falls on Russell Wilson. Russ needs to be more willing to take the deep shots and make plays happen with his feet out of the pocket. Russ was an effective 27-of--34 on the game, but only 177 yards in the air shows an inability to hit the deep passes, something the Broncos need him to do.