This Denver Broncos 7-round mock draft is the worst outcome imaginable

If this mock draft was the real deal, it'd be the worst possible outcome for the Denver Broncos.
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207th Overall Pick - Josh Proctor, S, Ohio State

The Denver Broncos safety room is fine. It's a good unit with some versatile players in Brandon Jones, Caden Sterns, and PJ Locke III, who project to be the top three. The team also has second-year player JL Skinner, who could develop in 2024. Right now, there isn't much of a draft need at all for Denver to take a safety. Their room is also quite young as well, which is a nice advantage, and if you take a safety during the NFL Draft, you kind of stunt the development of the room as it is now.

And the way I see it, all of Jones, Sterns, and Locke III have shown a ton of potential at times during their NFL careers. I personally would love to see them create something special on the backend, and the Broncos inserting a rookie into the unit messes it up.

256th Overall Pick - Carter Bradley, QB, Alabama

A giant slap in the face to Broncos Country is them not addressing the QB situation until the 256th pick in the NFL Draft. There are a ton of late-round QB prospects, and I believe that Denver needs to take one within the first two rounds, but the worst-case scenario here is if the team views Zach Wilson highly enough to not prioritize the QB during the draft.

While Wilson is a fun addition, he's also been a horrid QB in the NFL and barely raises the floor of the QB room. If the Broncos seriously did take a late-round QB to pair with Wilson and Jarrett Stidham, it'd be a colossal failure.