This Denver Broncos 7-round mock draft is the worst outcome imaginable

If this mock draft was the real deal, it'd be the worst possible outcome for the Denver Broncos.
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76th Overall Pick - Will Shipley, RB, Clemson

No need for the Denver Broncos to take a running back this high, especially if they are not picking in the second round. I do think you could justify a third-round RB if the Broncos trade down from 12, grab a QB like Bo Nix, and take a DT or EDGE with that newly-acquired second-round pick. However, this would just be too high, as the Broncos have a respectable stable of RBs that could all improve being in the second year of this offensive system.

The Broncos RB room doesn't really lack much talent.

121st Overall Pick - T'Vondre Sweat, DT, Texas

Getting slapped with a DWI charge earlier this offseason, you have to wonder if T'Vondre Sweat is fully committed to his NFL dreams. I'm sure some teams have totally taken him off of their boards, as getting in trouble right before the NFL Draft is just a huge red flag in my opinion.

Sweat also isn't much of an interior pass-rush threat, and that's exactly what Denver is missing from their DL. He's a good prospect but between his skillset and off-field troubles, the Broncos should just stay away.

136th Overall Pick - Jacob Cowing, WR, Arizona

Here's a blurb from Lance Zierlein on Jacob Cowing:

"He must learn to maintain additional space as a static pass-catcher because he won’t win very often when contested. Cowing needs to limit drops, improve as a route-runner and display some punt-return talent to give himself the best chance of sticking on an NFL roster for a while."

Lance Zierlein

He's an undersized wide receiver who, according to Zierlein, seems to struggle with drops and polished route-running. Folks, the way I see it, those two qualities are the two most important for a wide receiver at the next level.

Cowing isn't the type of wide receiver the Denver Broncos need for their long-term. With Courtland Sutton likely getting traded during the draft, (at least this is how I feel), Denver should look to draft a Sutton prototype if you will.

The team should look to draft a big-bodied X receiver, not someone like Cowing, who is already had a huge disadvantage with his size.