These three draft day decisions could cost Broncos GM George Paton his job

A draft without a quarterback? One would hope not...
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3) No quarterbacks taken... at all

It would be a shock and misstep if the Broncos do not end up in the position to take a quarterback at all. There is reason to believe the Broncos are interested in moving up, moving back to acquire more day two and three picks, or moving back looking to end up with two firsts. The Broncos are expected to be incredibly active on day one. However, in any scenario, they need to draft a quarterback.

The most ideal scenario for the Broncos would be to move down, acquire another first-round selection, and take both an immediate impact player at a premium position, maybe a pass rusher, and then take their next quarterback. No matter what Denver does, they need to select a quarterback. Since the days of Paxton Lynch, the Broncos have been pining for their next franchise guy in the NFL Draft.

However, despite a few tries and then an eventual try at Russell Wilson, the Broncos are still without their future quarterback. The Broncos need to address their future at quarterback and need to address it immediately. Not selecting a quarterback in the 2024 draft could signal the end for George Paton, and it could be an ugly departure.