The Denver Broncos must make these 3 moves before the 2024 NFL Season begins

The Denver Broncos must make these three moves before the 2024 NFL Season.
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Sign another player along the defensive front

I will give the Denver Broncos credit for addressing their defensive line this offseason. It's clear that the Broncos wanted to try and improve their roster in a modest way, and by that I mean not spending a ton of money. After the 2025 NFL Season, Russell Wilson's contract will be totally off the books, and it's clear that they did not spend a lot this offseason because of cutting the former QB.

Top defensive free agents like Jonathan Greenard and Bryce Huff signed with other teams but would have made great additions for the Broncos. They were both quite expensive, so Denver opted to bring in players like John Franklin-Myers, Malcolm Roach, and Angelo Blackson. Those three players are fine solutions.

The team also added EDGE Jonah Elliss in the 2024 NFL Draft in a room that already features a trio of young pass-rushers in Baron Browning, Nik Bonitto, and Jonathon Cooper. The defensive front is significantly better on paper now than it was at any point in 2023.

However, I personally see one more move that could be made a lot this unit. Defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah would be an awesome addition, but there are many other names out there. In the NFL, no matter how offense-first they become, games are still won and lost in the trenches, and the Broncos lost a ton of games in the trenches in 2023 on defense.

It was evident, and frankly painful to watch. It's good that the brain duo of Sean Payton and George Paton addressed the defensive line like they did. Ideally, 2024 goes well enough for them to go all-in for 2025 and beyond, and that could mean throwing around a ton of cap space next free agency period.

But for the present, the Denver Broncos must sign another player along the defensive front to add some quality depth if nothing else.