The Denver Broncos must make these 3 moves before the 2024 NFL Season begins

The Denver Broncos must make these three moves before the 2024 NFL Season.
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Sign OC Connor Williams


I do not know how much longer I need to call for the Denver Broncos to sign Connor Williams. What are they waiting for? Yes, I am sure the Broncos organization does not care what Lou Scataglia has to say, and you might not either, but the signing makes too much sense. The Broncos lost Lloyd Cushenberry in free agency to the Tennessee Titans.

Their current center room consists of Alex Forsyth, Luke Wattenberg, Sam Mustpher, and Nick Gargiulo. Not great folks. Now yes, one of the four could end up being a fine option for 2024 and even beyond, but it's clear that the room does not have an established veteran. Well, that's exactly who Connor Williams is.

He's one of the 10 best centers in football, but tore his ACL late in the 2023 NFL Season. That effectively ruined his free agency plans, as I would have guessed he could have gotten a deal similar to what Cushenberry got. Now he won't, and he'll have to establish himself again in 2024 and perhaps hope to cash-in during the 2025 offseason.

The Broncos should not waste any time here in signing Williams, as he is going to be quite cheap and could help round out the offense. The Broncos have four quality starters in Garett Bolles, Ben Powers, Quinn Meinerz, and Mike McGlinchey. Why not sign a fifth in Connor Williams? Frankly, them signing Williams would tell us what they think about the potential of Bo Nix and this team in 2024.

If they were to make the signing, that would tell me that the Broncos feel like Nix and the offense can be quite successful in 2024, and I wouldn't think Sean Payton thinks differently.

Time is running out for the Denver Broncos to make this crucial signing, and while it would not make top headlines, it would be one of the smartest moves that any team across the NFL has made this offseason.