Surprise Broncos player could be coveted at NFL trade deadline

Could the Denver Broncos get calls on a surprise player at the NFL trade deadline?
Denver Broncos
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Things could get interesting for the Denver Broncos at the 2023 NFL trade deadline. It doesn't sound like the Broncos are going to be nearly as active as once anticipated, where many assumed the team was going to be major sellers with a 1-5 record, but the phone is still likely going to ring. And Sean Payton told the media that the professional thing to do is at least pick up the phone.

But he was making no question about the fact that the Broncos aren't selling, and they're not looking to trade players after the team's latest victory, a monumental win against the Kansas City Chiefs in Denver.

Since everyone knows the Broncos will be picking up the phone when they receive calls, you can't help but wonder if some surprise players could be of interest to teams. Okay, specifically, I'm talking about one surprise player, and if you know who wears no. 4 for the Denver Broncos, then you already know who I'm talking about. I'm talking about backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham.

Don't be surprised if you hear rumors about the Broncos getting calls on Stidham ahead of the NFL trade deadline, especially with some desperate situations arising around the league.

One situation that stands out as more desperate than the rest, perhaps, is the one facing the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings just lost franchise QB Kirk Cousins for the entire season, and with a 4-4 record and a team that won 13 games a season ago, the Vikings can ill afford to sit on their hands after Cousins's injury. They've got to do something.

You've also got Raiders fans wishing the team hadn't let Stidham leave in free agency. Could Las Vegas get so desperate that they call a division rival and ask if they can make an offer on Jarrett Stidham? Not likely, but also not impossible.

Another team that might consider bringing Stidham back is the New England Patriots, whose offense can't possibly get much worse than we're seeing, right?

What if the New York Giants, whose top two QBs have struggled with injuries (and poor play) come calling and ask about Stidham, who would certainly get a recommendation from QB coach Davis Webb, a player for the Giants just last season?

What about the Browns, who have arguably the best defense in the NFL and Deshaun Watson not able to get back onto the field?

There are some intriguing possibilities, but ultimately, don't expect the Broncos to bite unless they get a ridiculous offer for Stidham's services, like a second-round pick or something along those lines. The Broncos have an interesting QB situation of their own as of right now, and there's a reason why Stidham was signed to a two-year deal to begin with. There's a very realistic chance that Stidham is the Broncos' starting quarterback in 2024, if not at some point in 2023.


But again, never underestimate how desperate some NFL teams can be at times. You might see the Vikings, Patriots, Giants, or someone else come out of nowhere and make a trade for someone else. With Joshua Dobbs being benched in Arizona despite playing well, don't be shocked if he's traded to one of these QB-needy teams.

Ultimately, Stidham will almost certainly remain in Denver beyond the trade deadline, but I think we will hear reports of teams at least making calls to Sean Payton, knowing that he will at least answer.

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