Super Bowl records and numbers the Denver Broncos are still on the wrong side of

The Denver Broncos have played in eight Super Bowls and know what it's like to bring home the Lombardi Trophy, something many teams in the league can't say. But it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows for the team in the big game.

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The idea of 'scorigamis' have become very popular around the league in recent years and now if a scorigami — the final score of a game which has never happened in NFL history before — occurs, the announcers will mention it.

There have been three scorigamis in the Super Bowl and in all three of those, the Broncos have been on the losing end.

Their loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XXI of 39-20, was a scorigami. That final score was made possible by that aforementioned safety. Without that, the final score would have been 37-20, which is pretty common.

In Super Bowl XXIV, the blowout loss of 55-10 against San Francisco had also never happened before. After the Niners' second touchdown in that game, kicker Mike Cofer missed the extra point. If not, San Francisco would have won by a score of 56-10, which is a final score that had happened before.

The 43-8 loss to the Seahawks was also a score that had never happened. This was brought on by a couple of things, but mainly the safety that started the game and the Broncos finishing with eight points rather than seven because they went for and converted a two-point conversion following their only touchdown of the game.

The score was 36-0 before the Broncos got on the board.