Six young QBs that could start for Broncos in 2024

Could the Denver Broncos make a QB change in 2024?

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2. Baker Mayfield

Speaking of the 2018 NFL Draft, the top pick in that class could also be the right kind of guy to bring in under Sean Payton. In what can be classified as a wild career trajectory, Baker has gone from entrenched starter winning a playoff game to being cut (twice), only to bounce back and earn another starting gig in Tampa Bay this year.

With a TD/INT ratio of 20/8 and the Buccaneers still in contention for the NFC South, Mayfield has proven he's still a capable starter. Perhaps a union with Sean Payton could be what the former #1 overall pick needs to take his career to the next level.

Baker Mayfield
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Proposal: Sign Mayfield to a two-year, incentive-based deal. QB Room: Mayfield, Stidham, Day 3 pick.

Like Darnold, I would trust Mayfield enough in this scenario that an early pick on a QB wouldn't be needed. I'm still adding an arm, but you could wait until early Day 3 with Baker in the fold. That said, I'm keeping three QBs on the active roster in this scenario. Mayfield's career has been too erratic to trust him for an entire season. Baker would have to buy in and show that he's turned a corner to trust him as "the guy" for me to roll forward with two QBs on the active roster.

Nonetheless, Baker Mayfield would be an attractive option for a team with excellent offensive coaching looking for a player to elevate.

There we have it. Six options for the Broncos to seek out, if they decide to replace Wilson in the off-season. Some options are enticing, some are not. A few come with a big risk while others feel more "secure". Regardless, we can trust this regime to identify and maximize a player in need of a second chance.


We'll see how the rest of the 2023 season plays out. Barring a playoff appearance (and a deep run), don't be surprised if one of these passers is a Bronco come training camp next year.

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