Six young QBs that could start for Broncos in 2024

Could the Denver Broncos make a QB change in 2024?

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3. Malik Willis

This scenario might need the most hedging, but potentially could yield the highest upside of the bunch. After a surprising fall to the 3rd round in the 2023 NFL Draft, Willis had a rocky start to his pro career. In the 20 months since he was drafted, Willis has started three games, completed 53% of his passes, thrown 3 picks, and hasn't thrown for a TD (he has rushed for one, though).

Malik Willis hasn't precisely shined like he did in college. However, like Fields before him, the supporting cast hasn't been stellar. He's already been through two offensive coordinators and is surrounded by aging veterans who have lost a step. The organization already signaled that they have moved on by anointing Will Levis as the starter. Add those factors together, and it's easy to see why Willis' days in Nashville are numbered. So, why should the Broncos acquire him? The Broncos could get their hands on a guy with incredible upside for next to nothing.

Malik Willis
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Proposed Scenario: Trade for Willis. QB Room: Stidham, Willis, Day 2 pick.

Going back to hedging, this is a scenario where I'm ensuring the room's overall upside is high. That includes taking a QB on day 2 of the 2024 Draft. As much as I like Willis' talent, you cannot bank on him and Stidham as your main options next season. In the best-case scenario, Payton gets the most out of Willis and becomes a good starting QB for the Broncos. If not, perhaps his athleticism could be used in a Taysom Hill-type role in the offense.

Either way, I don't see much downside to making this kind of move. I doubt Tennessee will be able to net more than a late Day 3 pick for him and with a change of scenery, Willis could thrive in a new system. My only caveat is to make sure that there's another talented, cost controlled option in the room, in case Willis doesn't progress.