Sean Payton gives massive update and praise for QB Russell Wilson

Sean Payton has been very impressed with Russell Wilson lately, and this newest bout of praise indicates that the veteran QB is still his old self

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Sean Payton has seen a ton of growth in Russell Wilson over the last few weeks and gives specific praise that should excite every single Broncos fan. When I read this blurb from Sean Payton, I became almost irrationally excited about the 2023 season. Payton has really been impressed with Russell Wilson over the last few weeks. You can find quotes about how Payton feels about his QB everywhere.

There was one particular quote that stood out to me and gives a massive indication that the "old Russ" might have never left. So, let's talk about this first; Albert Breer had previously reported that Russell Wilson is now at 213 pounds, and his obvious weight loss was a notable observation by many a few weeks ago. Well, I've always been curious just how heavy Wilson was in the 2022 season, as it was clear that he had gained weight in an effort to be more of a pocket passer.

Well, Sean Payton reported in an interview with Kay Adams that Russell Wilson is down about 15 pounds, which is a pretty significant weight loss. That clip can be seen here:

So, if Wilson is indeed at 213 pounds and is sporting a 15-pound weight loss, he was playing the 2022 NFL season at a whopping 228 pounds and probably hit 230 pounds at one point, which is a very heavy weight. When you consider that Javonte Williams is a total bowling ball at 5'10", 220 pounds, Wilson's 2022 playing weight is kind of scary to think about.

Patrick Mahomes is listed at 6'2", 225 pounds for another reference. I can see why Wilson's mobility was diminished in 2022. He was also battling a bad hamstring, which further limited what he could do with his legs. For years in Seattle, that's what made Russell Wilson great; his off-schedule plays and running ability was a hallmark of his game. He's got the third-most rushing yards by a QB in NFL history, and could still climb that leaderboard.

Well, Sean Payton was asked where Wilson has grown the most since the beginning of training camp, and this was his answer:

"“His movement skills have been impressive,’’ Payton said. “His off-schedule plays—every practice, you see an example of one or two. It really forces the receivers to (be active and alert). If you are not open in the initial route progression and the pocket moves one way, you have to move with it. His location has been really good. I think the last week-and-a-half or two weeks have been really impressive.”"

Sean Payton

Sean Payton observing that Wilson's movement skills appear to be shining through should be a huge indication that Russell Wilson is back to his old self. Many said last year that Wilson's age and apparent decline as a passer starting in 2021 were becoming more evident on the field. However, not only was he battling a hamstring injury, but he was playing 15 pounds over his normal playing weight.


Now that he's dropped the weight, his mobility appears to be back, which is massive. Russell Wilson being able to make those off-schedule plays is going to take this Broncos' offense to a whole new level.

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