Saquon Barkley situation worth monitoring for Denver Broncos

Saquon Barkley
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New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley is one of the players that were tagged before free agency but still has not signed his franchise tag tender. To be specific, the Giants placed the non-exclusive Franchise Tag on the star running back. The deadline for him to sign it is on July 17, so there is definitely time to negotiate a new deal, but still, it is a situation to monitor.

The non-exclusive franchise tag is defined as:

""The non-exclusive tag allows a player to negotiate with other NFL teams when the free agent signing period begins on March 15, but if he signs an offer sheet with another club, his team has five days to match the offer. If the offer is not matched, his team will receive two first-round picks as compensation from the signing team. ""

Joel Corry, CBS Sports

Saquon Barkley is coming off a Pro Bowl year, with 1,312 rushing yards, and 10 rushing touchdowns. Players usually get the franchise tag while they negotiate a new deal with their respective teams, so the team to not lose the specific player during free agency, but the non-exclusive tag, which is the one that the Giants gave to Saquon, allows the player to negotiate with other teams, as mentioned before.

On Sunday, June 11, Saquon Barkley hosted his annual Youth Football Camp and had some comments regarding his situation with the New York Giants...

""As I have previously stated, I'm not looking to set any contract records. I'm not demanding to be the highest-paid player at my position. I understand the market. My goal is just to be compensated respectfully based on my contributions to the team on the field and in the locker room. I've been in talks with the Giants throughout the offseason. If at some point there's a deal that is fair to both sides on the table, I'll be ready to sign.""

Saquon Barkley, running back

Barkley, who once again, has not signed his franchise tag tender, will not attend the Giants' mandatory minicamp, as he waits for a new deal.

The Denver Broncos, who have been linked to recently released running back Dalvin Cook, should monitor the Saquon Barkley situation since the franchise tag that New York gave him allows the player to negotiate with other teams.

Due to the Javonte Williams injury, the Denver Broncos were a top landing spot for Saquon before the franchise tag deadline, since he was set to become a free agent. Saquon Barkley is a little bit over a year younger than Dalvin Cook and produced better stats respectively on this past season.

Dalvin Cook is now a free agent, so the team that signs him does not have to give any compensation to the Vikings in this case. On the other hand, for a team to get Saquon this year, the New York Giants would have to not match the deal offered by the new team, but in exchange, get two first-round picks.

The Denver Broncos DO have first-round picks going forward after not having any for two consecutive years in 2022 and in 2023 due to the Russell Wilson and Sean Payton trades, so getting Saquon is not impossible, but...would it be worth it?

I'm not saying that the Broncos will pay Saquon, but it is a situation that they should monitor since the Javonte Williams injury situation is still uncertain. Imagine a Saquon - Javonte RB tandem. It would definitely be great, but expensive at the same time.

If you were George Paton, would you offer a deal to Saquon Barkley?

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