Russell Wilson and three others who came up big as Broncos win their fourth in a row

Did you think that at any point during this season that the Denver Broncos would have the longest winning streak in the NFL? No one did, if they were being honest.
Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos
Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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Wil Lutz, Denver Broncos
Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Wil Lutz

Though it gets incredibly frustrating to see so many Broncos drives end with field goals, it's nice that the team has what has become a very reliable kicker.

Lutz made all five of his field-goal attempts in this game and provided the majority of the scoring for the Broncos, allowing the team to hang around and stay within striking distance. Kickers are often lost in the shuffle, but when you have one that makes five kicks in one game, it's clear that you would not have won that game without that kicker.

He has now made 22 of his 24 field-goal attempts this season.

Justin Simmons

The defensive leader has to be on this list, especially when it was his birthday.

Justin Simmons turned 30 years old on Sunday and he celebrated with a Broncos victory. He had four tackles on the night, but he also had three pass breakups. Two of those came during the Vikings' final possession.

Needing just a field goal to win, Dobbs tried to get his team in position for a game-winning kick. His top option in the passing game, Hockenson, had the ball knocked out of his hands twice by Simmons on that final drive.

Though neither play would have resulted in a ton of damage being done on that drive, it would have kept the Vikings moving down the field and the down-and-distance situations much more manageable.


Those two plays won't be talked about much, but they were big in the overall picture. Happy Birthday, Justin!