Russell Wilson makes a hilariously embarrassing statement in recent interview

In a recent podcast appearance, Russell Wilson said something quite ridiculous.

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

In a recent interview on the "I AM ATHLETE" podcast, Denver Broncos QB Russell Wilson makes quite the statement about his future goals in the NFL. I guess you can't fault the man for wanting to win at the highest level. We got a glimpse of winning earlier this year when the Broncos ripped off five in a row and found themselves at 7-6 after starting 1-5.

Limping to the finish line had them finish 8-9, yet again missing the playoffs. After the Broncos tragic loss at home to the New England Patriots, the team made a huge move to bench Russell Wilson, which some saw as the end of that era in Denver. While Wilson was not necessarily bad in 2023, he does not fit into Sean Payton's offense, and it was a lot like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

The Broncos might be left with the tough choice to cut Russell Wilson and have to absorb a dead cap hit approaching $100 million. In a recent podcast interview, Wilson made a pretty bold statement about what he wants to accomplish over the next five seasons:

You almost have to laugh at this point. Now yes, it's not like a professional athlete would say something like "Oh I don't really want to win anymore," but you have to roll your eyes here. Not only is Russell Wilson likely going to be a free agent this offseason, but where exactly does he have a clear fit?

The Pittsburgh Steelers? The Atlanta Falcons? The Minnesota Vikings? Even those three teams could sign Russell Wilson as their starter but clearly not be a Super Bowl team. At this point in his career as he progresses into his age-36 season, Wilson is not nearly the QB he once was. It's unfortunate, as the Broncos could have had an elite QB on the team and when Wilson was at his best, there were few better than him.


I think Wilson may have to have a tough conversation with himself about the kind of QB he is at this point. That isn't to say that he cannot start for a team, but he's not a top-five QB anymore and is not going to lead a team to a Super Bowl as a starter. Perhaps if Wilson wants to latch onto a team as a backup, he can enjoy the feeling of another Super Bowl.

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