Russell Wilson landing spots ranked worst to best

What would be the best (or worst) landing spots for Russell Wilson in 2024?

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
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6. Cleveland Browns

I think Russell Wilson going to the Cleveland Browns has a near-zero chance of happening due to the presence of Deshaun Watson on the roster, but the Browns are a team that needs to be in the market for a high-end QB2 this offseason.

Deshaun Watson has played just 12 games over the last three years. He's been suspended and frequently injured. Although signing with the Cleveland Browns wouldn't be a ticket straight to QB1 in Cleveland, it's maybe more likely than not that Wilson would play than not.

5. Las Vegas Raiders

The idea of Russell Wilson going to play for the Las Vegas Raiders could have some merit if he really wants to take two shots at the Broncos next year on the field. But if his motivation for signing in free agency is revenge against the Broncos...

Let's just say he should probably have other priorities.

The Raiders do have Davante Adams, but they just hired Luke Getsy as their new offensive coordinator. Is Russell Wilson really a good fit there after what we saw with him in Nathaniel Hackett's offense? Getsy isn't Hackett, but the two worked together in Green Bay and nearly both joined the Broncos back in 2022. Is this Raiders coaching staff there for the long haul? For that matter, is Davante Adams there for the long haul?

It just feels like the only reason why Russ would choose the Raiders is to get revenge on the Broncos, not because it's the best football move.