Russell Wilson could embarrass Broncos and make playoffs with Steelers in 2024

Wouldn't this be a bit hard to watch happen?

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

New Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Russell Wilson's tenure with the Denver Broncos is one to forget, but the NFL might not be done seeing Wilson in the postseason. A majority of the time, Russell Wilson has led his team into the NFL playoffs. Well, the Broncos did not make the playoffs in the two years he was the team's quarterback.

And after two years, he now heads to the Steel City and will quarterback the Pittsburgh Steelers. While some Broncos fans might laugh at Russell Wilson for signing with Pittsburgh and think it'll blow up in their faces, it might just do the opposite. During the 2023 NFL season, the Steelers scrapped together a 10-7 record.

They did so on the backs of the sixth-ranked scoring defense in the NFL and perhaps some bounces that went their way here and there. Still though, a top-10 defense was a huge reason for their success. However, offensively, they were quarterbacked by Kenny Pickett, Mitchell Trubisky, and Mason Rudolph, who combined to throw for 13 touchdowns against nine interceptions.

Well, in 2023, Russell Wilson tossed 26 touchdowns against eight interceptions. Wilson's 26 TD passes in 2023 doubled the output from the Steelers QBs. So, what if the Steelers again field a top-10 defense, like they normally do, and Russell Wilson replicates his production from 2023?

Wouldn't the Pittsburgh Steelers be better than they were in 2023? Them winning 10 games with the QB production they had is impressive, and as long as Wilson isn't a total liability, the Steelers should truly have an inside track to another double-digit winning season, which could again mean a playoff berth.

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Wouldn't it really stink to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers make the playoffs in 2024 with Russell Wilson at quarterback? It'd be especially sucky if the Broncos themselves did not make the postseason. Even though Wilson isn't on the team anymore and even though Denver may have a new rookie QB in the building, it'll probably be quite brutal to watch Russell Wilson revive his career and again appear in the postseason.