Rumors suggest Russell Wilson is next candidate to appear on Netflix series "Quarterback"

Recent rumors claim Broncos QB Russell Wilson is an "ideal" candidate to be featured in season two of Netflix series "Quarterback".
Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Rams
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As most of you know, the NFL and Netflix recently partnered together with producers 2PM Productions, NFL Films, and Omaha Productions to release the new highly renowned television series "Quarterback" that quickly became a national phenomenon in the matter of days in the NFL world. The series featured Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, Vikings QB Kirk Cousins, and former Falcons QB Marcus Mariota as they adventured through their endeavors towards an NFL championship with obstacles along the way.

Due to the amount of success and love the show received, Netflix decided to renew the series for a second season that will officially air in 2024 following the 2023 season, according to executive producer and Broncos legend Peyton Manning. Now raises the question: who will be featured in season two? Well, the speculation has already begun:

While this rumor, at first, seemed it may have a sliver of validity to it, Broncos insider for 9News, Mike Klis, instantly shut down the rumor with a tweet that he eventually deleted reading:

"Reached out to Broncos source who said under the current climate there's no chance Russ will be featured in next Quarterback series. Sean Payton didn't even allow pressers for new free agent signings [Mike] McGlinchey, [Ben] Powers, and [Zach] Allen."

Mike Klis via Twitter

Therefore, with this update, it is pretty evident and clear that head coach Sean Payton will not be allowing Russell Wilson to star on the new hit show, and reasonably so. The Broncos were under a ton of spotlight last season having nearly half a dozen primetime games among many other things that publicized the team in the media that probably should have stayed private in the first place, despite the entertainment it brought the fans. However, if the fans truly want to see their team win double digit games in 2023, they will have to accept the limited media coverage and open publicity so that the complete roster is able to stay away from any unneeded criticism and continuous negative agendas that surround the organization.

While many fans would have loved for a Russell Wilson appearance on "Quarterback", Sean Payton is undoubtedly making the right move by choosing winning over popularity. And while Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs were able to come away with a Super Bowl ring and still filmed episodes for the show, the Broncos have been on the losing side of football for numerous years now and need to focus on getting back on track before they start emerging from their shell.

It may not be as entertaining and fun to the fanbase, but winning football games will be far more beneficial to the fans if this goal does come to fruition in 2023. The last thing the Broncos need is a repeat of 2022 where there were various distractions throughout the locker room from the media and numerous narratives being created based off of content being released from the players or members of the media.

Sean Payton is going to do things the right way and have his team work hard to earn everything they achieve with the cameras off and no distractions. Perhaps 2025 or 2026 will be a more suitable or realistic time period for Wilson to star on the popular Netflix series.

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