Remembering the 10 best regular-season moments for the Denver Broncos in the last 10 years

- Peyton Manning had a terrific four-year stretch

- Two games between the Broncos and Cowboys make the list

- Von Miller makes history

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C.J. Anderson, Denver Broncos
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Broncos best regular-season moments of the last 10 years: C.J. Anderson walks it off against the Patriots

November 29, 2015

The Broncos' 2015 season was like a storybook pieced together with perfect incidents that led up to the grand finale.

This was one of the biggest pieces in the team's run to the Lombardi Trophy.

That season, the Broncos were able to get home-field advantage and the No. 1 overall seed in the playoffs. I contend that the team would not have won the Super Bowl without home-field advantage because Gillette Stadium was a difficult place to get a road playoff win at that time.

And without this game, the New England Patriots probably would have had home-field advantage.

Once again on a Sunday night, the game between the Broncos and Patriots went into overtime. Manning was nursing injuries at this time and Brock Osweiler was forced into the starting role.

On 3rd-and-1 from around midfield, C.J. Anderson took a toss from Osweiler and weaved his way all the way to the end zone to give the Broncos a massive win that aided their quest for a ring as much as anything that year.