Remembering the 10 best regular-season moments for the Denver Broncos in the last 10 years

- Peyton Manning had a terrific four-year stretch

- Two games between the Broncos and Cowboys make the list

- Von Miller makes history

Baltimore Ravens v Denver Broncos
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Aaron Rodgers, Denver Broncos
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Broncos best regular-season moments of the last 10 years: Domination of the Packers

This was an early-season showdown between two teams that were sitting at 6-0. Once again, Sunday Night Football was the setting and this game between undefeated teams turned into a lopsided affair quickly.

It was one of the worst games Aaron Rodgers has ever played as the Broncos' defense, which eventually powered them to a win in the Super Bowl that year, pounded the Packers quarterback.

He finished the game 14-of-22 passing for just 77 yards and was sacked three times. Manning passed for 340 yards, Thomas had 168 yards receiving and C.J. Anderson rushed for 101 yards as the Broncos routed the Packers 29-10 to improve to 7-0 on the year.