Ranking every single QB the Broncos have drafted with a first-round pick

The Broncos have had a couple of the best quarterbacks in NFL history on their team, but they didn't draft either one of them.

Aug 24, 2018; Landover, MD, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Paxton Lynch (12) attempts a pass in a preseason game.
Aug 24, 2018; Landover, MD, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Paxton Lynch (12) attempts a pass in a preseason game. / Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
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Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos
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2. Tim Tebow, 2010 (No. 25 overall)

Tim Tebow might be one of the most controversial Denver Broncos of all-time and subsequently, in the entire NFL. But the controversy isn't for the usual things like off-field trouble or being a tough teammate to deal with. No, instead there is a large contingent of folks who just can't stand Tebow because of the attention he gets in relation to his level of play.

Look, no one is ever going to say that Tebow is a conventional player who is going to lead the team in ways that all of the great quarterbacks do. But if nothing else, Tebow was an absolute leader.

In 2010, just three picks after selecting Demaryius Thomas with the No. 22 pick, the Broncos traded into the No. 25 slot, sending the Baltimore Ravens a second, third and fourth-round pick to be able to come up and select Tebow. At the time, Josh McDaniels was the team's head coach and he is still often ridiculed for this selection.

But Tebow was much better than most people were ever willing to give him credit for. In two seasons with the team (the same amount of time Lynch and Maddox were around), he made 14 starts and had an 8-6 record in those games. Most of that came during the unforgettable 2011 season which will forever be remembered for 'Tebowmania'.

We will never know how far Tebow could have gone in Denver as the Broncos signed Manning ahead of the 2012 season. But for the time he was with the team, he did well. He proved he could play, even if it was unconventional. And he is the answer to the greatest current trivia question that you can ask about the Denver Broncos.

Who is the only quarterback to ever be drafted by the Broncos in the first round who has won a playoff game? Answer: Tim Tebow.

For that, he almost got into the No. 1 slot on this list.