Ranking the Denver Broncos' projected starters ahead of the 2023 season

-Which projected starter for the Broncos is the best player?

-Should we be viewing Russell Wilson higher or lower?

-Which position group has the best starters?

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Ranking the Denver Broncos' projected starters ahead of the 2023 season

9. Courtland Sutton, WR

I don't think Courtland Sutton is his 2019 self anymore, but he's a very good wide receiver. He can still separate and is sure-handed as well. Hopefully being another year removed from a torn ACL in 2020 helps Sutton regain some speed and agility. It's clear that Russell Wilson had better chemistry with Jerry Jeudy last year, and the Broncos apparently nearly traded Sutton to the Baltimore Ravens earlier this offseason.

8. Garett Bolles, LT

Garett Bolles is probably the 12th-best left tackle in the NFL, which is fine. I don't think we'll see the 2020 version of Garett Bolles again, which is a shame, but he's finally settled into being a left tackle in the NFL after an abysmal first three seasons. There were rumblings that the Broncos wanted to move on from him this offseason, but I'm not sure Denver could have found someone appreciably better.

7. DJ Jones, DT

One of the best run stuffers in all of the NFL is DJ Jones. He's not going to be a pass rush threat from the interior, but that's not why the Denver Broncos signed him. He's an excellent run stuffer and is consistently able to get into the backfield to halt rushing plays in their tracks. He's an excellent piece along the defensive line.

6. Ben Powers, LG

Ben Powers was insanely efficient in 2022. According to PFF, Powers played nearly 1,100 snaps allowed 0 sacks, and committed just one penalty. That is simply excellence at the guard spot. He should be an instant upgrade over Dalton Risner, who is still a free agent. Powers should help make life easier for Bolles and Cushenberry.