Ranking the Denver Broncos' projected starters ahead of the 2023 season

-Which projected starter for the Broncos is the best player?

-Should we be viewing Russell Wilson higher or lower?

-Which position group has the best starters?

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Ranking the Denver Broncos' projected starters ahead of the 2023 season

17. Greg Dulcich, TE

This is no disrespect to Greg Dulcich, who I've seen many peg as a breakout candidate in year two with the Denver Broncos, but like the other young starters in the Broncos' lineup, he simply hasn't proven a lot yet. Who knows, Dulcich could end the year as one of the top 10 tight ends in football. However, as of now, there are more questions than answers.

16. Alex Singleton, ILB

There was a reason why the Denver Broncos were able to sign Alex Singleton last year for pennies. He racked up a ton of tackles during his first stop with the Philadelphia Eagles, but that's about it. However, not only did Singleton rack up more tackles than virtually any other ILB for the Broncos in 2022, he was a well-rounded player and earned a three-year contract extension with the team. He was simply all over the field in 2022.

15. Tim Patrick, WR

Tim Patrick is good, but that's it. I think he honestly may bring more value as a culture/locker room guy, but it's clear that his presence in the offense was sorely missed last year. Patrick being cleared and hopefully back to normal is a lovely addition to the Broncos' offense, and I think we'll see him easily slide back into his role in 2023, but remember, this is a WR3 player we are talking about.

14. Frank Clark, DE

Frank Clark is projected to start at defensive end for the Broncos in 2023, but he can also play as a stand-up pass rusher. His best days are behind him, but he's been a double-digit sack player in the NFL and has a ton of regular-season and playoff experience. If nothing, else, he should be a useful addition for some of the younger guys along the defensive front.

13. Zach Allen, DE

Zach Allen is a fine player. In fact, he notched 20 QB hits last year with the Arizona Cardinals and has spent each year of his career with Vance Joseph as his defensive coordinator. I think Allen takes another clear step forward in 2023 and flirts with double-digit sacks. It's clear that he can bring it as a pass rusher, which would be a welcome sight for the defensive interior.