Ranking Denver Broncos last 10 biggest trades worst to best

- Russell Wilson blockbuster

- Sean Payton blockbuster

- Bradley Chubb blockbuster

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2. Trading Bradley Chubb to Miami Dolphins

Broncos receive:

  • 2023 1st-round pick
  • 2024 4th-round pick
  • RB Chase Edmonds

Dolphins receive:

  • OLB Bradley Chubb
  • 2025 5th-round pick

Essentially, the Denver Broncos got a 1st-round pick and 4th-round pick for Bradley Chubb and a 5th-round pick.

Given the trajectory of how things had been going with Chubb in the weeks leading up to the trade, it was clear that the Broncos needed to get the best value for him that they possibly could. Chubb, the 5th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, had an outstanding rookie season in 2018 but struggled with injuries throughout his time in Denver, and was never really able to cement himself as an upper-echelon EDGE guy.

The Dolphins obviously felt like he could be a significant difference-maker for them, not only trading a 1st-round pick to get him but also giving him a massive contract extension.

Although everyone would have rather seen Chubb become a fixture for the Denver Broncos, this trade proved to be important to the top overall trade the Broncos have made in recent years...