Ranking Denver Broncos last 10 biggest trades worst to best

- Russell Wilson blockbuster

- Sean Payton blockbuster

- Bradley Chubb blockbuster

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6. Trading up for WR Marvin Mims

Broncos receive:

  • 63rd overall pick (WR Marvin Mims)
  • 183rd overall pick (S JL Skinner)

Lions receive:

  • 68th overall pick (QB Hendon Hooker)
    139th overall pick (traded, used on QB Clayton Tune)

It's still very early, but young wide receiver Marvin Mims has already accomplished something no Broncos wide receiver has done in really modern football history. Mims, in just three games, already has a receiving touchdown and kickoff return touchdown. He's barely played a quarter of the offensive snaps and has just nine targets in the passing game (at the time of this writing) but he has undoubtedly maximized those opportunities.

So far, Marvin Mims is averaging nearly 28 yards per reception. He's been outstanding as a kickoff and punt returner. He's been a factor on designed running plays.

Yes, it's early, but this is looking like one of the better trades the Denver Broncos have made in recent memory. They only had to move up a handful of spots, but getting a player like Marvin Mims, it looks like the Broncos maybe got him a round later than he should have gone. Mims looks like he could be a true building block for a team that desperately needs them.