Ranking all of the Denver Broncos starting quarterbacks post-Manning

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Ranking the 12 starting quarterbacks since the Peyton Manning retirement
4. Russell Wilson

Well, I'd hope that Wilson shoots up this list and gives Denver at least some temporary quality play starting in 2023. His 2022 season was likely the worst football he's ever played, and I am adamant that it was due to the coaching situation, not Wilson himself.

Sean Payton is tasked with getting something out of this offense and helping Denver get back to where they once were. I do have faith in Russell Wilson, as we saw some old flashes from him last year of that once-elite play. I have faith.

3. Brock Osweiler

Repeat after me: The Denver Broncos DO NOT win Super Bowl 50 without Brock Osweiler. What a solid stretch of play he offered to the team back in 2015. Sure, this might not count since Peyton Manning retired after the season, but I'm cheating a little bit, I can't lie.

It doesn't feel right to not give Brock the credit he deserves, as he did return to the Broncos back in 2017 and went 0-4 in his starts for them, but come on, he was 5-2 in his starts in 2015 and that's something that he should get credit for.

2. Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater, or as some may call him, Teddy "ThrowShortofTheStickWater" was the Denver Broncos' choice in the 2021 season. He was outplayed by Drew Lock in the offseason, but Vic Fangio decided to roll with Teddy.

If you needed five yards from Teddy, he'd give you five yards. If you needed 10 yards from Teddy, he'd give you five yards. Even though it was frustrating to watch, Bridgewater was statistically pretty solid. I would have loved to have seen him return to Denver as the backup, as he had a very solid stretch with Sean Payton and the Saints a few years ago.

1. Trevor Siemian

Drumroll, please!

Trevor Siemian, the best quarterback the Denver Broncos have started since the retirement of Peyton Manning. Imagine reading those words in 2023. Well, here we are. Siemian was a 7th-round draft pick back in 2015 and won a Super Bowl in his first year with the team.

He was named the starter in 2016 and went 8-6, throwing for 18 touchdowns and 10 interceptions playing in Gary Kubiak's offense. Denver was firmly in a playoff position all season but faltered at the end.

Kubiak stepping down also threw a wrench in things, but Siemian was 13-11 in his 24 starts as a Bronco, the best record of any QB post-Manning, with at least a handful of starts, of course.

He also seems to be the most universally liked QB since Manning's retirement by the fans. We all know he isn't anything special and likely never would have turned into that, but he did what he could, and I think we appreciated that.

What do you all think about this list? What would you change?

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