Ranking AFC West head coaches after Jim Harbaugh blockbuster

New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers
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3) Jim Harbuagh, Los Angeles Chargers

Let's make sure to keep some perspective with Harbaugh. He dominated the college game, but has been out of the NFL for roughly a decade, was surrounded by cheating allegations this year, and was suspended twice in 2023.

The jump from the NCAA back to the NFL could be difficult for the reigning national champion, especially considering the state of the Chargers. Joey Bosa, Justin Herbert, Derwin James, and Keenen Allen are all great, but after that, the Chargers have some issues. The team has a ton of expensive and aging pieces who might not be great contributors next year, and recent 1st round picks such as Quentin Johnston have not put up much of an NFL career.

Harbaugh left the 49ers for Michigan after the 2014 season. No starting quarterback from 2014 is still with the same team, no head coach is with the same team, the NFL has had three relocations, and the Washington franchise has had three different names. The league has had numerous rule changes, records broken, and the entire landscape of the NFL has shifted. Safe to say that Harbaugh has missed a lot. Readjusting to the NFL might be tough for the former 49ers coach, so no. 3 feels like a safe ranking until theres a year back in the league under his belt.