Ranking AFC West head coaches after Jim Harbaugh blockbuster

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The AFC West might possess the greatest collection of coaches in one division in NFL history. Andy Reid remains the elder statesman of the division but has been joined by Denver's Sean Payton and now Los Angeles' Jim Harbaugh.

Reid, he of two Super Bowl championships, possesses two of the division's three coaching rings, with Sean Payton having the other. Harbaugh, however, is coming off a National Championship with his alma mater, the Michigan Wolverines. Also, there's Antonio Pierce. A division of three heavyweights, the AFC West is due for some major fun over the next few years. Let's rank the AFC West head coaches.

4) Antonio Pierce, Las Vegas Raiders

This almost isn't fair to Pierce, but alas. Pierce served as the Raiders interim coach after the firing of Josh McDaniels mid-season and led the Raiders to a historic 63-point outburst over the Chargers late in the 2023 season. Pierce finished the season 5-4 as the Raiders' head coach and was hired as the full-time head coach of the Raiders on January 19th after all-world pass rusher Maxx Crosby reportedly threatened to request a trade out of Las Vegas if Pierce was not hired as the team's next head coach.

Pierce might have a decent tenure in Las Vegas, but the 45-year-old will start from behind. For one, he is the third head coach that the Raiders are paying, as the team is still paying off Jon Gruden's contract as well as Josh McDaniels' deal. It was reported in 2022 that the Raiders are "cash poor", which could still be the case and have an impact on what the Raiders can do with their roster. The Raiders still do not have a quarterback, are in a constant state of Davante Adams trade rumors, and have hired a carryover from a failed regime that set the team further back. Good luck, Antonio.