Projecting the Denver Broncos starting offense after the 2024 NFL Draft

Is this how the Denver Broncos offense will look to begin the 2024 NFL Season?
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Wide Receivers: Josh Reynolds, Marvin Mims Jr, Tim Patrick

This is another room that can be hard to project. Will the team trade Courtland Sutton, especially after drafting Troy Franklin? It's possible. Will Sutton and the Broncos come to some sort of contract agreement? That's also possible too. Man, I just don't know. I'm going to bet on the safe side here and assume that Sutton is not going to be with the team, because frankly, I don't think he wants to be.

And with Denver bringing in both Josh Reynolds and Troy Franklin, Sutton can be expendable. The team could also believe in guys like Brandon Johnson or rookie draft pick DeVaughn Vele. The WR room doesn't appear to be all that special now, but to me, it's good strong depth and a bunch of rock-solid football players, which is a plus for a rookie QB.

Tight End: Adam Trautman

I don't know, man. I was kind of shocked that the Broncos didn't bring in a free agent at TE. Someone like Gerald Everett would have made a lot of sense, but they did re-sign Adam Trautman, who might be the most average player in NFL history. Trautman is a competent blocker and can catch passes, so he's a do-it-all player, but just an average one at that.

The team should approach the Greg Dulcich situation as anything they get from him is a bonus. Outside of Dulcich, the team could have a hidden gem with Lucas Krull. Until proven otherwise, I believe Trautman is the starter, as he knows the offense and the expectations up and down.

He's not the most talented TE Denver has, though.